On the 31st of January, Tuesday till the 3rd of February 2023, Friday, the office of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) and Eco-Pastoral Order of Friars Minor (OFM) Indonesia had our annual meeting also known as “Rapat Kerja” (Raker) in Indonesia. This year the event took place at Panti Asuhan St. Yusuf, Sindanglaya, Jawa Barat. This meeting was seen as a positive and a continuation to look at, judge and evaluate the whole programme and ministry that was planned for the past year. This year the annual meeting theme was reflecting on the spirit of fraternity in fighting for Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation.

On the first day of the meeting, our facilitator Executive Secretary of JPIC OFM Friar Mikael Gabra Santrio, OFM gave his gratitude of heart to thank all for the full presence of the staff and offices of JPIC and Eco-Pastoral OFM, and they are as follow; the Director of JPIC OFM Indonesia Friar Fridus Yansianus Derong, OFM, Finance staff Friar Guido Ganggung, OFM, Animation Team Friar Y. Wahyu Prasetyo, OFM and Friar Luga Bonaventura, OFM, Law and Advocate Friar A.N. Bimo Prakoso, OFM and Valens Dulmin. For staff from Eco-Pastoral, Friar Nazarius Trimuryanto, OFM (Eco-Pastoral Ciloto), Friar Antonius Latief Widyawan, OFM (Eco-Pastoral Pagal), Friar Agustinus Dewantoro, OFM (Eco-Pastoral Fransiskan Timor), Friar Andreas W. Bisa, OFM (Eco-Pastoral Tentang Parish), and Friar Thobias Harman, OFM (Eco-Pastoral of Kurubhoko Parish). As for the staff of “Rumah Singgah” attended by the young friar, Friar Angelinus Darmin, OFM and Friar Frederik Apriliano Habur, OFM. This meeting was also attended by a guest from the Custody of St Anthony (Malaysia- Singapore- Brunei) Friar Marvin Voo. Nonetheless, it was a great joy that the Minister Provincial OFM of Indonesia Friar Mikael Peruhe, OFM and Chief of JPIC OFM Indonesia commission Friar Mateus L. Batu Bara, OFM was able to attend and share their insights with us.

On day one of 31st of January 2023, after a short afternoon tea and briefing at 1500hrs the friars celebrated the annual meeting with opening mass in the evening at 1800hrs, celebrated by Friar Mikael Gabra Santrio, OFM at the Carceri community chapel, Sindanglaya, Jawa Barat and followed by dinner. Right after we had a recollection by Friar Fridus Yansianus Derong, OFM, where he shared on how fraternity is in our Franciscan blood and it is our identity, it helps us to practice humility by working together in collaboration, as the final document of our OFM general chapter 2021 emphasizes to us about two lungs of being a lesser brother: fraternity and minority. Therefore, according to Friar Fridus, there’s no work such as individual or personal but rather it is a work of a fraternity that is supported by each community member in teamwork and collaboration so that in this way, we can strengthen the spirit of unity in fraternity and the night ended with personal reflection.

Day two, 1st of February 2023, Friars begin their chilly day with Lauds and Mass at 0600hrs in Carceri community chapel and followed by breakfast. Then, the meeting resumed at 0800hrs started with sharing in a small group from last night’s reflection and then a compilation was made to share with everyone about how one’s ministry can be a fraternity mission as well. Later continued with evaluations from each department of JPIC and Eco-Pastoral regarding the programme and ministry that was carried out for the year 2022, this takes place late morning and adjourned at 1500hrs, after everyone finish presenting their outcome for 2022 there was a short break and continue with minister provincial Friar Mikael Peruhe, OFM sharing session on JPIC- Eco-pastoral: Towards new hope. Where he focuses on Fidelity, Commitment and Management in viewing JPIC as our Franciscan way of life and it is about connecting with creation.

Whenever we posed a question about who are we? There are three points that are worth noting, first and foremost it has and always been about a fraternity in integral ecology. Second, minorities as a place to meet with the whole creation. And third is what JPIC and Fraternity have been practising and it is found in the Ratio Formationis Franciscanae document mentions about The strong experience of God as Father and the Highest Good characterised the life of St. Francis. It led him to an attitude of gratitude and praise towards the Creator for His wonders and made him a brother to all people and creatures. (RFF 37) Hence, The experience of the fatherhood of God and of brotherhood with Christ leads the Friars Minor to make themselves the brothers of every person and of every creature in a spirit of minority, simplicity, joy and solidarity. (RFF 21a) Therefore, The fraternity is made up of brothers that did not choose each other but are given by God to one another (cf. Test 14). It is the place in which the grace of the Holy Spirit makes visible the figure of the Christ, of whom every brother bears and expresses a feature (cf. MP 85). It is the environment of reconciliation and peace in which it is possible to encounter the living and true Christ. (RFF 18a)

In a nutshell, JPIC Eco pastoral is a way of life, it must begin with oneself who encounters God, then he can build community and life. Because Eco-pastoral sided with the minorities and friars are to build bridges in responding to hear the cry of the poor and the earth as in Job 12:7-10. It was a fruitful sharing and serious discussions among the friars to such an extent that the sharing continues after dinner and the friars ended the night with recreation.

Day three, 2nd February 2023, Prayer and breakfast are important to start a productive day, so after attending to our spiritual and physical needs, the meeting started at 0800hrs with a presentation from Friar Mateus Chief of JPIC OFM Indonesia commission on management in the offices, how to be effective in planning, organizing, actualizing, controlling and evaluation.  He even explained how to design an effective project by using the theory of change model. In addition, Friars also gave their feedback on how they can improve and improvise the model of planning to fit and align with their way of work in JPIC Offices.

Thereafter, amid learning and discussion, Friars also set a time for outdoor activity that is planting the “Damar” tree or known as Agathis Dammara. For “Damar” tree is known to protect soil from damage and prevent groundwater scarcity. In this activity, Friars not only speaking about care for the environment but also a gesture of commitment and willingness in taking care of our mother earth by first doing it with our own hands. What a meaningful activity, after tree planting Friars continue with discussion and planning their programme for 2023 according to what have been discussed in the session throughout the evening and recreation ended the night for day three.

On day four, 3rd February 2023, Friars began their last day together with Morning prayer and breakfast to have a fruitful morning. At 0800hrs meeting start with a presentation from each department and office of their plans and programme for 2023, according to the model that was taught by Friar Mateus. No joy can be compared to seeing brothers working together in supporting each other to improve one’s planning programme. In the evening, The JPIC and Eco-Pastoral Indonesia Friars ended their annual meeting (Raker) with Holy Mass at 1800hrs, The Director of JPIC OFM Indonesia Friar Fridus Yansianus Derong, OFM in his homily quotes St. Francis of Assisi once said, “Let us begin again.” as a motivation and reminder to all of us as we carry out our ministry and plan for 2023. Before friars set off to their respective places friars had dinner together at 1900hrs.



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